Drs. Seth and Erin Stockton have completed residencies in general dentistry.  They also continuously take courses to expand their training which means a greater variety of procedures can be performed in-office giving you added convenience and comfort.




Dentistry is constantly improving its focus on prevention, increased patient comfort, and more predictable treatment outcomes.Technology enables us to make this happen.  We are committed to constantly upgrading to take care of you.




The better you understand your oral condition, the better we can help you to achieve optimum oral health.  We take the time to discuss your oral condition, review treatment options, and give you a chance to have your questions answered so that you can make informed decisions.

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At Copper Canyon Family Dentistry, our mission is to partner with you and the community to promote oral health, and ultimately systemic health, by providing ethical, high quality, evidence based comprehensive care with the most current technology in a friendly and gentle environment.

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